Updated: 03/29/2012 14:00
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NoRiskStrategy has issued the news update and sent it to the members database. There's just a regular email, without any special news about the...

NoRiskStrategy has issued the news update and sent it to the members database. There's just a regular e-mail, without any special news about the programs. However, all the success of the program within four months of its activity online needs to be shared with investors and members, thanks to their fantastic support. The admin promises to go on working and doing his job in the future.

There is also some bad news that should be reported. The thing is that someone is sending spam e-mails from offering 10% on bonus for deposits under the terms of spending some amount to some LR or PM account directly. The admin denies sending these e-mails and asks every member to ignore any e-mail that is delivered from The e-mail is not their. Inside the e-mail messages, members are asked to send money directly to some LR or PM account, without entering the member area and using the SCI form.

We should warn everyone, any sort of messages like that should be ignored. Normally spammers are using these sort of fake e-mails attempting to take out some money from poor investors. Fortunately, the majority don't believe these messages though there are still some who lose their funds, simply being not careful enough and sending their money without any due diligence made. NoRiskStrategy seems to be a long-term program and one more time, please ignore any e-mail from the following e-mail address: They are fake!

One more update concerns the Facebook page, more like an offering to become a member of NoRiskStrategy members community on the official Facebook page of the program.Well, if you fell like doing that, go ahead. The project is not taking high positions in our listing, mostly because it hasn't joined the Premium listing of ours, getting more visibility on our resource.

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