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Dear members and readers! Today we are publishing issue #200 of the regular HYIP informational survey! Let us congratulate all the team, responsible...

Dear members and readers! Today we are publishing issue #200 of the regular HYIP informational survey! Let us congratulate all the team, responsible for preparing the survey for doing great job in the niche of educating inexperienced investors as well as notifying the oldtimers about the recent changes in the market. The survey is sponsored by Amila Trade and StallionGold. We appreciate your attention towards our publications and try our best to make the surveys as much useful and informative for your attention. You may get used to learning the latest news from the HYIPs online, as well as reviews of the latest niche blog updates. The problem programs and those which are closed by the time of publishing the survey are also mentioned. However the beginning of the survey gives the list of the Top Choice programs listed at HYIPNews.com:

Top Choice

The list of 5 programs located on Top of the list are presented at your attention below:

1. Benson Union

Listed: 300 days

Profit: 1.2-2.45% daily!

Term: up to 170 business days!


Listed: 96 days

Profit: 3% daily!

Term: up to 90 business days!

3. StallionGold

Listed: 71 days

Profit: 128-428% after 1-10 days!

Term: up to 10 calendar days!

4. Rico Trend

Listed: 63 days

Profit: 128-1888% after 1-60 days!

Term: up to 60 calendar days!

5. EVO Profit

Listed: 50 days

Profit: 127-717% after 1-20 days

Term: up to 20 calendar days!

The Top Choice section has changed a bit since last time published. Apart from the first 3 programs: Benson Union,AVO INC and StallionGold, there are two newcomers of the TOP Choice section. These are the Rico Trend and EVO Profit HYIPs, taking the 4th and 5th place accordingly. Congratulations for oldtimers and meet the newcomers!


Let us present you with the list of New programs that appeared online for the last 3 days. Today we don't have any programs in the first part of the Openings section. So we start right away from the list of normal openings of the last three days. And once again this list is very small. Obviously due to Liberty Reserve troubles, program admins are not in a hurry to launch new projects. So here it goes the list of the new programs:

Globe Earn 130-1200% after 1-20 days!
Lexis Invest 3.5-5% daily 160-210% after 40 days!
Platinum Vertex. 4.5-6% daily up to 40 business days!
Fast Withdrawal 130-900% after 1-15 days!
MicroMoney Bank 7.5-10% daily 185-225% after 15 days!

SureInv 3.5-5% daily up to 60 business days!

MYBMD 4-5% daily up to 45 calendar days!

HourlyGalaxy OKFunds WinnerProfit Tobacco-Capital MyBMD GlobalProfitFund ProfitRise Green-Profit BellsFinance Just-Invest VenusFunds MakeMoneyDouble OnlineCashClub HighEarnInvestment SecureHEdging LordOfProfits EastInvestClub ProfitGoal CubeProfits LiviEnearn ExpertProfit CarlosInvest PAxForex GoldenFXProfit StandardIncome ProfitDayMoney LRdividend PocoFunds FranklinProfit FundingBrains FMLinvestment BhinJuryLaw DailySalesProfits MoneyFlow PArsShafagh Paxforex EliteFund GoinStantProfit Income24 Speedy-Invest HigherAssets 4KP MagicShares Apartments-Capital TruePrincipal EmulationFund BetterLiberty AzoresHYIP IpayFIX FrequencyFlyer MagicMoneyGrowth 5020Cure InfiniteEarn UltimateEarn Invest4Trading PerfectShareGrowth LoyalAssets

Today we have 7 investment offers on top of the openings section. The weekend can be considered successful. Investors definitely have something to choose from for diversifying investment portfolios. The 7 programs with the detailed description have been added to the HYIPNews listing, so it's not just a recommendation by HYIPNews.com. We are just pointing them out for being listed with us. You should be aware that before making any sort of deposit to any new program, always make your due diligence, no matter a HYIP is recommended by anyone or not.


Finance Century - not paying
Empire Finance Group - not paying
Unlimited Earn - not paying
Advance YEN Investment - not paying
VIC Money - not paying
Investland Limited - not paying
Best Investment Club - not paying
Silver Inv - not paying
AWTC - not paying
Finance Core - not paying
American FX Trade - not paying
Caspian Capital - not paying
3zTrade - not paying
Apex Fund - not paying
Investeria - not paying
World Of Benefit - not paying
Majestic Profits - not paying
Trillion Markets - not paying

The Black December has started sooner, in the middle of November to be exact. On top of the Problem list there are some very longterm programs, which presumably can't make through the Christmas holidays, the most hard time both for the HYIP investors and admins. However, at the same time, at the bottom of the list we also see some brand-new programs, which have been just launched and now experience troubles accordingly. All in all, we should notice, it will be interesting to watch the market closer to the end of the year and at the beginning of the year 2013. And meanwhile, dear investors, beware of the programs given above, they are dangerous to invest, at least right now.


Rate of Return (9 days), True Expert (465 days), RoiChoice (38 days), FX Credit Fund (33 days), Galaxy Shares (9 days), Success Deposit Inc (10 days), King Finance (9 days).


Rich Cash Rewards has recently issued another newsletter announcing the changes in the investment plans, which are going to be applied starting from November 17, 2012. Mostly the change refers to the Diamond Plan and increasing the minimum deposit amount allowed. As of November 17, the minimum will be changed to 250 USD. The minimum deposit amounts for the rest plans silver and gold will remain without changes as it is: 10 and 100 USD accordingly.
In the nearest future, the minimum for the Rich plan will quite possible be increased as well, still there is no information about the change yet. As reported information about more changes will be delivered in a separate newsletter later on, if any are applied.
Those willing to join Rich Cash Rewards at old terms, still have two more days to complete the deposit. So if you plan to join make it quick. If i were you i wouldn't risk too much and wait for the changes to become valid and then wait for the outcome, how things go further on with the Rich Cash Rewards after the update declared.

The 4th webinar with Ragnar Wellington, the CEO of Benson Union that took place on Thursday, November 15, 2012 at 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (Eastern Time) , has been successfully completed. Those who couldn't participate in our 4th webinar can watch the recording here: http://www.anymeeting.com/bensonunion/EC54DB838549. The meeting lasted 60 minutes and Mr. Wellington shares some information about all events which happened since previous conference.
The latest newsletter from Benson Union also clarifies the issues concerning the withdrawal delays that occurred recently. The main concern of the Benson Union investors is missing profits on Monday, along with some pending withdrawals in Liberty Reserve. There was actually some problem with Liberty Reserve account used for paying withdrawals and hence the programmers of the project should have setup the new account number for successful withdrawals processing. By Monday afternoon everything has been setup and all pending withdrawals have been paid to investors of the project.
As for profit calculation, the thing is that nearly all Benson Union team was on away due to weekend and holidays because thats not weekdays (let me remind you about the Veteran's Day, celebrated on Monday in the US). Good news is that SolidTrustPay integration to Benson Union has been completed due to very many requests to add this payment option to the list.

Another e-mail was sent to the investors community as if on the behalf of the famous investment opportunity AVO INC. The e-mail looks as if sent from the following address: [email protected]. However, don't trust it! The letter is spam and moreover it contains some link that is more likely leads to some fraudulent website, supposed to steal your personal information and possibly Liberty reserve funds.
The letter offers some sort of new investment plan as if offered by AVO INC. We contacted the support of AVO INC and they denied the authentic origin of this e-mail. Please see for the text below and DON'T EVER click any links in such e-mails without verifying the information from the programs mentioned.

Felmina, one of the most long-term HYIPs currently listed on HYIPNews.com has issued another newsletter to their members, explaining the new service provided for the clients. The new service implemented is called Promo Coupon Codes. They are used as the additional tool for referring new members to Felmina.
Each Promo Coupon Code gives a $10.00 bonus added to the account principal of the newly created account. Note that one will need to make an additional deposit of at least $10.00 in order to start earning interest in the account. In order to get the Promo Coupon code there is a short manual of the steps to take:
- log into your account with us,
- go to the 'Invite Your Friends' area of your account and click to get the Promo Coupon Codes,
- the Promo Coupon Codes will be sent to your contact email address immediately,
- send the Promo Coupon Codes to your friends, contacts, site visitors and simply everyone who you would like to invite to join Felmina Alliance through your referral link,
- note that each Promo Coupon Code is linked to your account, so every person using the Promo Coupon Code you provided will join your downline automatically,
- also keep in mind that each Promo Coupon Code can only be used once.
When you obtain your Promo Coupon Code and give it to the downlines you are planning to refer, they should complete the following steps in order to activate the coupon received from you:
- copy the Promo Coupon Code received from you,
- enter the code into the 'Promo Coupon Code' field of the Account Registration form,
- the $10.00 will be immediately credited to the account principal of the newly created account.
Remember when distributing the coupons you should be aware that SPAM mailing is prohibited. You are not allowed to to send the coupons out to unsolicited mailing lists. Also, you may not send the coupon codes deliberately to the persons not interested in this investment offer. Still you can distribute the coupon freely among your relatives, friends. Besides it is allowed to distribute the codes on the niche forums and blogs as well as to send in limited and purely targeted mailings.

Prospera Nova shares its knowledge of the payment processor field with investors for better understanding what payment processor to choose. The analysis gives the basic outline of four primary e-currencies: Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money SolidTrustPay and EgoPay. The administration of Prospera Nova hopes these short reviews will help anyone who did not decided on what processor to use yet.

TureProfit is now returning principal at the end of the investment term. Initially, when the program was launched about 400 days ago, the principal was included in profit. And now after getting lots of requests from investors, the management of TureProfit has decided to change this rule and return the principal to their investors. As reported it has become possible thanks to obtaining a huge profit from capital market.

Diamond Asset launches the representative program. Actually it's more like a prelaunch, before making it available online. As part of this "Preview" you may apply for the Regional Representatives Program by sending a support ticket or an e-mail to [email protected] with SUBJECT: Regional Representative. Here is the list of advantages, given to investors assigned with the Regional Representative status:

"... Any client of DiamondAsset with a deposit of $200 or above can become a Regional Representative.
Regional Representatives will earn 10% referral bonus, instead of 5%.
Listing your contact details and referral link on our website as a Regional Representative.
Offering individual data and advertising support for the representatives.
You will be able to partake in partner relationships and co-development with us as a Regional Representative.
Your profit depend solely on you. The more clients you refer as our members, the more money you earn..."

BlueMoney has successfully completed integration of SolidTrustPay payment processor to the website. At the same time admin asks for the members' support on various niche forums.

HYIPNews Events

We are happy to inform our clients, both current and potential ones about the Promo Interview campaign. During 1 month, we are providing the 50% discount for the professional promotional interview. We shall organize the paid promotional interview with the representative of your program, which are going to be spread online and placed on our site.

You will receive few hard questions, few not very pleasant, but other will give you good chance to show your project from best sides. The interview will be published in the newsline on the site of HYIPNews.com. Apart from that we shall mail the interview to the subscribers' database in the regular HYIP informational survey.

In order to order the Paid Promotional Interview with 50% discount, please proceed to paying the coupon, following the link below:

If you have any questions, concerning the interview and promoting your programs online, please contact the support of HYIPNews, opening the ticket, following the link:

Good News

Last time we had a comparatively small list of Problem programs, which left us no hope for the good news today. Still occasionally we have 1 piece of good news today, despite the fact the list was small enough. This is the name of the winner: Russia Network Investment.


Good news for the PexPay investors. Several countries, the list of which is given following the link below will soon take advantage of using the localized banking options instead of wires. The details are coming soon. See the complete news following the link below: https://www.pexpay.com/news.php

HYIP Blogs.

Black December! Every experienced HYIP investor knows what it is. So why is it called "Black" and how it affects the HYIP industry. Is there any chance to get protected from the Black December? The author of the HYIP Pulse blog tries to reveal some information on this topic. Reading the article, following the link below being a newbie investor you will get to know nearly all possible information you might need to know about the period called "Black December": http://blog.hyip-pulse.com/what-is-the-black-december/

How should one kill Money-Circulating investment schemes?

"To know your Enemy, you must become your Enemy." - Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Before attempting to eliminate HYIPs or money-circulating schemes out of the investment niche, one needs to know how it works. The main principles and conditions for a project to run. See the article from Frank, the admin of the Private HYIP blog following the link below: http://hyip-blog-investment-monitor.com/2012/11/14/how-to-kill-hyips/

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