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Cowly Farm stats, marketing promotion, presentations, WhalesClub launching Telegram bot, social network bounty, Hooplex platform leader opportunity
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Cowly Farm stats, marketing promotion, presentations, WhalesClub launching Telegram bot, social network bounty, Hooplex platform leader opportunity

Check out the latest updates from the hyip investment programs online. The third udpdate was published by the Cowly Farm hyip investment program 9 days after the launch of the hyip. Let me share a couple of words about the latest stats from the hyip presented by the admin. Deposit amount exceeded $115K, $30K of profits have been paid out instantly to the company investors. From the marketing point of view the project has been growing as the banners are being advertised in some major websites in the investment industry. Also bloggers and youtube promoters are actively promoting the company by taking advantage of leadership bonus. In the coming week a special social media bounty will be enabled to let company users earn extra $$ for completing different social media task. The team of Cowly Farm is looking for Facebook Ambassador that will help the project authorities create a community on Facebook. More details will be posted in the coming days while all the requirements on the vacant job are finalized. The work is voluntary, still additional weekly bonus will be delivered as an additional incentives by being our Facebook Ambassador. Apart from that two useful PDF’s presentations have been created to understand the company and investments as well as a getting started guide for newbie investors to make their experience with CowlyFarm as easy as possible.

WhalesClub announced opening of the official Telegram bot. The main features of the bot: account authorization, new account registration, adding and withdrawal of funds, settings and automatic notifications (earnings, login, deposits & withdrawals, etc). To start interacting with the bot just connect to this account in Telegram – @WhalesClubio_bot. As one of the ways of improving social presence Instagram account of the project has been launched ( In the coming weeks a Social networks bounty will ve launched for the loyal members. The trading team of WhalesClub is also working on a spreadsheet that will reflect all past and current trades. It is open for verification in public and will provide an easy way to get proofs of the company's paying credibility.     

The international community of the Hooplex platform is growing and actively developing. With the purpose to make all necessary information about the project available for new partners and potential leaders on the special website in multiple languages.

    To learn more about what gives you the status of a Hooplex leader, click here:

        Portuguese –
        Thai –
        Korean –
        English –

After reviewing the information, if you are interested, you can leave a request to the manager, and you will be got in touch soon. Maximum assistance in building your afiliate network will be provided. If you are interested don't hesitate to apply and become one of Hooplex leaders.

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