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Updated: 05/12/2005 21:18
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Advertising is the engine of trade. Everyone knows the statement, it`s interpreted to all the languages of the world. That`s because it`s is axiomatic. You can`t sell without advertising, because advertising is translated from French as "to present", "to show"... HYIP advertising is not just service providing - it`s an effective communication means, no one can work without it. Today let`s talk about advertising part of programs` activity and the way it affects your life.

More often the advertising itself doesn`t actually reflect anything. We mean advertising as a process. Judge for yourself, is the ad board responsible for what it`s shown there? Very rare. That is why we are not talking about the place this ads is located.

We, for instance, define these two concepts clear enough, so, if we place any banner of any program, listed in our catalogue, it will never find any better relation towards it, than it actually deserves. Advertising is one thing, monitoring, rating is another. We define these two ideas. For example, Brian from TalkGold will never tell anything he doesn`t keep in mind, about a program, owing to this program purchasing advertising form him.

It`s just because now lots of reproaches can be met. They are concerning program that stopped working, and its banner is still rotating on TalkGold… deal is deal, and it`s intolerably to talk about personal moral principles here. This is business. So, one needs to be attentive, that`s why our title is: “don`t trust advertising!” We are going to talk about its CONTENT.

We`ll start with the characteristic and actual example. There is a program EFXGold ( It has strong support, lying in spreading referral links on forums, and banners were noticed in some places. So, in the main ad message there is a phrase: 1 DOLLAR FREE TO EVERY REGISTERED PERSON.

Attractive offer, isn`t it? Can you imagine how many dollars one can get just using all your imagination thinking of e-mail addresses. It sounds at least unlikely. Then some rumors appeared that no dollar is given. We checked...

THERE IS NO DOLLAR. Nobody received a dollar! And it`s spoken about… at present this program numbers 6500 customers according to official statistics! So, it really works, people believe in written magic?! They do believe…

Now, let`s take a look from another side. Almost all the time one can find all necessary information on a banner. How much interests and how often. Besides, Internet specificity is that you can go directly to the site immediately, clicking the message you like. There you can get all the information required.

Is advertising the detector of program income level, its reliability? Entirely and completely. If advertising is expensive, hence program may venture. It`s like the top rules. But, on the other hand, such programs as LiaGold purchased program (almost everywhere, on TalkGold alone they purchased 2 ad spaces), InstantPay purchased ad space from us. They purchased and disappeared. So, exceptions can be everywhere.

Different means of forum promotion can also be considered as advertising. Pay attention to users, having 0 messages, informing of this or that program paying capacity. How do you fancy? Going by the forum I decided to inform, how good the program is? It even happens that such advertising contains no referral links.

Besides, quite often monitoring platforms are widely used for advertising. For instance, HYIPMonitoring gives opportunity to lay out the news of a campaign for a certain fee. Doubtful projects that can`t be taken off the list even if they have been proved to be a fraud, can also take refuge inhere.

But it`s OK. MOG (famous Ministry of Gold) is ahead of everyone. There`s been tons of critics, concerning this monitoring recently. So, there rumors that they take away negative comments, list one and all programs etc.

But we still think of them as of the colleagues of ours. Both first and second case, these monitoring sites have their own format and it`s the task of investors to understand that and not rely upon them so much unconsciously. Analyze and draw conclusions, but take decisions exclusively on the basis of these conclusions. The example given to show in practice that your success depends on yourself only.

Advertising is advertising. We hope our today`s discussion won`t remain just an ordinary talk and you will draw necessary conclusions. We`d like investors to become more and more professional, without rushing to false reports, published by expert top-managers of different HYIP, displaying on a banner: 500% a month and things like that.

The aim of advertising – to attract, but at the same time it informs of the main message, the administrators are trying to bring to investors` minds. As soon as you learn to understand this message, you`ll be able to learn marking out, the links, worth clicking and the links, not worth doing that.

That is why, be careful, cause users won`t definitely receive promised dollars, we talked about at the beginning, and becoming a victim of a false report – nothing can be simpler.
Keep your eyes open, stay with us.

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