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Updated: 07/01/2005 19:37
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If you are sick and tired of this headline and it's absolutely unpleasant for you to hear any whatever they may be "real" HYIP projects, you are the client of ours! Yes, absolutely, you are the one we need for this discussion.

Discussing real investment projects. And they are truly real. Don't believe it? Look below, and don't think you will see some sort of promotion of our project?. Did we promise to give useful advices? There you are!
Let us make a slip at once. Why do we allow ourselves calling programs real in this particular case allow doing what we never allow ourselves to? Why do we ignore the fact of mentioning addresses and telephones, and all of a sudden we invite you meeting the real programs? Isn't it the ads?

No, no, my friends, this is not advertising. This is information. The information, concerning the admins, not just existing following certain addresses and certain dimensions, these are the admins, REALLY met, the admins whose offices were really VISITED.

These are the admins, broadcasted on TV constantly, journalists, investors constantly communicate to them and this is real truth. Sounds intriguing, well then meet their names: SuperFund, BurryInvest and of course, Mutual Funds. That's enough for the beginning.

The last one is certainly a rather famous name, cause later on it was replicated and now can be observed in the titles of various scams, using their noble name as a cover to make easy money.

The MF reputation was blackened greatly because of that and now any newbie can hardly guess where the truth and where the scam are. Speaking about Super Fund it's all on the contrary. It's been almost 2 years since the program is like clock-work and knows no problem at all.

BarryInvest is somewhere in the middle, and is possibly the only project, based geographically on the territory of Russia and cause no usual fear. But since the biliousness is still great, we won't pay much attention to it, since it may not be interesting for the subscribers of ours.

Giving Super Fund as an example we can see the difference between really working programs and those, pretending to be such. So, what are the differences? No need even to talk, it's enough to look at the site. The fact they appear on TV, people visit their office, see the registration data and admins with their own eyes it's a sequence.

Not everyone can make it, even with the great desire. And, the site is open for everyone, it's not a typical script that costs 60 USD, it's the unique design, supporting lots of functions, and what is important information, it's seen at once.

But then logical question arises, why doesn't everyone invest to this program, forgetting about risks? That's because, despite the fact we are investigating this program as a high yield one, it can't be treated as a HYIP in its original meaning.

The point is that the profit interest, offered by such a program or similar to it (the ones we named above)" is up to 30% annually. Many HYIP offer such amount monthly! You may notice. :) And you'll be right. Often the interests are even higher. But, how long do such a program work?

And 30% - is the profit amount, not every bank may offer? Doubtful. That's why there are no usual Rate us and things like that on the site. Take a look at the real program, touch it, call them, visit their office, maybe then you will be able to realize, what is the risk of everything that is not similar to this one.

After that you will probably feel both analytically and esthetically, how reliable a usual HYIP can be compared to the real investment program.

You may ask: Where is such money from you won't believe it. The answer won't sound original. But at the same time, honestly FOREX, gold, other investment opportunities.

Let's say, similar schemes specialize in cooperating with different financial organizations, trading on all the directions mentioned on one account, if we can say like that.

It allows effective cooperating without attracting third organizations, and traders' acting with maximum convenience and benefit. These traders really work on the markets and post detailed reports about their activity. The small investment amounts (now they can be from 1000$) are unacceptable for them, they don't avoid disclosing information.

All this is the guaranty for real activities and real incomes. In such programs you may not even find lost-won, usually trader does his job on the basis of the long-term agreement, in the process of which there may be going up-and-down, however the control may be realized within a year, and the situation is always under control.

Unfortunately there's some part of hidden information here. For instance, traders themselves can be unknown, though their existence is evident, it can be analyzed and appraised it cannot be compared with usual HYIP.

By the way, it's interesting to notice that real investment programs absolutely don't resort to using e-currencies. Most likely they accept funds bank wire (!), anyway, they have real opportunity to complete such transfers, in contrast to most of HYIP, so, choosing a program, the degree of its openness and reality can be measured with this parameter as well.

Here they are, real investment programs. Of course our outlook is superficial, it's just top draw your attention, though these are the time and circumstances tested programs. These are the programs, bringing real income and acting really.

You just need to choose: large income and large risk, or small income and small risk. You can always control both securing of your funds and the matter of their accumulating.

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