Frequently Answered Answers #8

Updated: 05/22/2006 08:25
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As I have promised in our last release, we are renewing our materials, devoted to "Frequently Asked Questions" - where to invest or not, and what tendencies prevail in the market. I have recently seen a post on one of the forums, where someone asked where to invest. Now I will set out my ideas, and I hope that they will help you to make a right choice. At any rate, they will help you to decide, this is for sure.


Leaders' TOP has reduced recently. We don't even mean those bright representatives, who light Olympus and keep up the highest level for a long time. The programs, that are the most old and famous now, pay average (for HYIP) interests, but they have a high level of stability as well. BestSafe Invest seems to be the first in this list. VS-Invest, which appeared in our catalogue in 2005, is the same old program.

WEALTH2U is listed among the leaders in other catalogues, and it has the same period of work, but in our humble opinion, they are not able to reach the level of leaders. Offshore Club, which has already given up, is quite another thing, but such interest won't be interesting for everybody. The same is with another old but less even (which is equal to stable) program, Solid Investments. They've had some problems, as I've already told, but they've resolved them successfully, and they are now among top ten programs.

ABCash, who had some temporary problems, which didn't affect their work, are also here. We remind you that they have quite a log period of "fast" return, but this program pays perfectly. Now due to some circumstances it has been listed in "problem" zone (HotHYIPs), but we hope they will survive and we don't put them in "where not to invest" sections, because they deserve being given a chance.

There are many good programs among the new comers (in particular, in our catalogue), all of them are really good opportunities, but they haven't been time-proved. Forex-Union is one of them, and you may find their interview here. Another program is InvestDot, they moved to the highest circle fast, and it is set here now assuredly.

It is hard to say what prevents the program from moving forward. A single drawback is their youth, but there's no effective tool to withstand time :) Another program which may be referred to serious programs is DFII. They also seem to be quality, and they probably may be referred to a long term of work. We hope so.


Beautiful but nor reliable programs, that disappeared during the first days of their work and never came back, were noticed here at the beginning of the last month. A typical note may be found on their site. AStarVenture, for instance, may be referred to these programs.

And Cash-Empire is called risky. It seems that they deserve it. Their site is not available, and unfortunately, there's no info about their coming back.

Very many autosurfing programs have problems at present (PhoenixSurf, WiredSurf etc). I'd never risk like that on their current stage of their development. But if you're a lucky person, or if you like risk, this is for you.


May be because the summer is about to come, all processes in HYIP are getting slower. Of course, forums are popular, information is demanded, but investors are likely to abandon their PCs. Of course, the peak of vacation period is the end of the summer, but it is evident that the majority of online investment users reside in the region where one doesn't want to stay in close offices with hot PCs.

But this is a general tendency, which is evident for us on monitoring level. But I think, it won't affect investors personally. It is hard to imagine an investor, who deals with such a great number of programs as to see 20-30% reduction.

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