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Updated: 02/06/2015 09:40
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We are pleased to publish the interview with the the marketing manager of Poker Automatics, David. The program has been on Top of HYIPNews for a while and hence it is for sure our readers would be interested to know about the general aspects and peculiarities of the company.

1) First of all, introduce yourself. We'd like to know who we are talking with. What is your post in the company, what's your name?

My name is David. I'm Poker Automatics marketing manager. I specialize in marketing, PR and communication.

2) Please, tell us about the concept of Poker Automatics in general, about the spectrum of services you are offering.

Poker Automatics is a pokerbot network for gaining guaranteed passive income from online poker 24/7 without human participation.
You don't need any experience or skill to play poker. Forget about risks!

That's simple!
Become a member of Poker Automatics and gain guaranteed passive income from poker without risks and without any skills.
All you need is to create a Poker Automatics account, fund it and select Deposit.
And that's all! No more efforts! No more time spending! No risks!
Watch the sum at your account growing 7 days a week without your participation.
Withdraw money in any convenient way at any convenient time.^

Average client's profit in Poker Automatics:
$30-299 - about 12% per month
$300-999 - about 15% per month
$1000-2999 - about 18% per month
$3000-9999 - about 19,5% per month
$10000-29999 - about 21% per month
$30000-49999 - about 22,5% per month
from $50000 - about 24% per month

3) We are always interested to know who makes the team of the program? This is the most important element of its success. Who makes up your program?

17 people from 6 different countries (United Kingdom, China, Spain, Russia, Germany and the U.S.) are working in Poker Automatics.
Software is developed by the team of five: 3 programmers and 2 analysts.
Other 12 people maintain system and monitor its work.
Those are Head, 3 managers of Finance Department, 5 managers of Technical Department and 3 managers of Marketing and Technical Support.

4) Could you tell a little bit about your (and all other members of the staff) background?

Programmers are updating and upgrading software for poker bots.
Analytical Department is for analysis, mathematical calculations and processing information from bots about results of the session.
Financial Department is for service of Poker Automatics accounts.
Technical Department is for servicing poker bot accounts in poker rooms.
Marketing is for advertising and PR.
Technical Support is for customer support, advice, Q&A.

5) Is your company a registered one or it's the virtual enterprise, working online only?

At the moment Poker Automatics is a group of people from different countries, dedicated servers and software.
We don't have any offices because all of our employees live in different cities and countries.
We're going to become a registered company in 2015. It'll give us some new benefits for payment systems management.

6) Do you have any documents or official guarantees, which is the guarantee of honesty for all the transactions realized through your service?

You can see our full list of advantages and guarantees here:

Poker Automatics guarantees a minimum profit on current Deposits in the amount of 0.1% per day under any conditions and technical state of the system.

All money are on the poker accounts.
It's impossible to block or stole all of them.
At this moment we don't see any ways to destroy the Poker Automatics.

We have a reserve fund.
Our own capital is over $340.000.
Each of our employees have an insurance deposit of $10.000- $20.000.
They can withdraw their profit, but can not withdraw the Deposit amount.
If they violate any of the rules, they lose their deposits.
Employee can't steal more than the size of his deposit.
Employees receive a good income and are interested in long work also.

7) Please, tell us the story of your work. When did you start, have you always been like this, in this format?

About 8 years ago we started to develop software for a private poker game. Since then, we continuously test and improve it.
Since 2011 our bots have being playing at online poker rooms for real money.
From 2011 to 2014 all client accounts in Poker Automatics has been maintained in manual mode.
All customer transactions have been carried out manually by operators after clients have called support.
In 2014 it was decided to automate these processes and expand Poker Automatics.
Each Poker Automatics client has its account balance (deposit + all profits from previous years) paid in full.
We've updated the site, created a new database, added new payment system, created an affiliate program and much more.

8) Please, share your thoughts concerning any possible problems that may happen while working with your service from the point of view of your experience? Where should investors be more attentive?

All possible technical risks are taken by Poker Automatics. They don't threaten the program and don't affect Poker Automatics customers.
Your participation in Poker Automatics is completely confidential. You don't need to submit any documents.
Poker Automatics doesn't divulge any personal data of customers to third parties.

That's why our clients are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of any login and password information associated with their accounts and for all activities that occur under Client account.

To increase security, follow these simple guidelines:
- Don't share your login and password with third parties
- Use strong passwords (letters, digits, special characters)
- Don't click on links found in emails from dubious recipients
- Use anti-virus programs

9) The sphere of high-yield profit can be divided into two parts, called "real-unreal", "a scam-not a scam" by average users. Aren't you afraid that you program will be regarded by investors from this angle of vision?

Previously, we worked in gambling business. Reputation is valued much more there and it takes longer to get the name in that field.
We don't limit ourselves with HYIP industry. That's just one aspect of marketing.
Most of our customers didn't come from HYIP industry.

10) How do you solve problems occurred? Where should investors appeal to have an opportunity to solve their problem?

Poker Automatics has a very good Customer Support. We always help our clients with any queries.
We resolve any problems as soon as possible.

11) What support options do you offer?

Our customers can contact us in many ways.
Emails of all Poker Automatics departments can be found on the Contact page
There is a form of feedback on the same page.
In addition, we've opened skype-chat that can be used by anyone.
Social network users always have an opportunity to ask questions and get answers on a page or in a group in any of these networks: Facebook, Google+, VK, Twitter.

The web of Poker Automatics representatives worldwide is also very handy.
Their list can be found on Representatives page:
At the moment, we already have over 100 representatives from various countries.
The table lists their names, spoken languages and contacts.

12) Some investors criticized a referral program, which is supposedly used for creating pyramids. We do not share this opinion and we see that you have a referral program. Why did you decide to provide your members with the referral program as it is?

Having a referral system is the most powerful way to market your services online.
There are a number of benefits when you use a referral system that includes:
+ Increased sales
+ Drive traffic to your site
+ Generate qualified leads
+ Extend the reach of your brand
+ Better search engine rankings
+ The ultimate viral marketing strategy

You can additionally receive a steady and stable income with Poker Automatics referral program.
Unlike one time payments in other companies, in Poker Automatics you get 2 types of commissions at the same time:
1) commission from your referral's Deposit amount
2) daily commissions from your referral's profit

13) Please, tell your viewing of the HYIP. What is the opinion of the management of the company about this investment sphere, what do YOU think of it?

There are a lot or smart investors in HYIP industry. Most of them can work with e-wallets. You don't need to teach them many simple things.
If you have a real business (like Poker Automatics) you can make profit for your clients and for yourself as long as you want or as you can.

Activity of Poker Automatics doesn't depend on the inflow of new participants. We can work with our customers, bringing profit to them and ourselves.
We aren't limited to HYIP industry. As it was mentioned, that's just one aspect of marketing.
Most of our customers aren't from HYIP industry.

14) What is your opinion about virtual currencies' development? What new services may become available for you? Which is the most secure, profitable and easy to use? What exchange service is the most popular with you?

Poker Automatics works only with the most secure payment systems keeping user anonymity:
Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Payeer (BankWire, VISA/MC, QIWI, Liqpay, W1), SolidTrustPay, NixMoney, OKPAY, Yandex.Money, bank transfers.

The best payment systems are Bitcoin and Perfect Money.

At the request of our customers we add new payment systems from time to time.

15) What do you think sets your program apart from all the other "opportunities" out there?

Reasons for losing money by traders, brokers, poker players etc. are well known. Those are:
- lack of necessary experience and skills
- greed
- emotions
- fatigue
- passion

What's the main feature of Poker Automatics?
That's the lack of human factors!

Robots have many advantages comparing to other players:
+ They instantly calculate each opponent and odds at the poker table at any time
+ They accumulate statistics and hand history of every opponent, adjust to him and change their style of play
+ Unlike live players, bots don't make mistakes
+ They don't get tired
+ They don't have emotions
+ They aren't hot-tempered

We are constantly improving software, so our robots can't be detected and distinguished from conventional online players.
Number of robots in our network is constantly growing.
This makes possible to increase the total capital under their control, but not to increase the individual capital, so risks of each individual poker account are minimized.
We don't sell, distribute or open our software, so poker rooms can't learn the principles, tactics and behavior of our bots.

16) How do you think, why your program is worth joining it? Please give a few reasons.

Don't you have tired from risking and losing money in different programs?
Do you like to have stable passive income without your participation?
Do you want to have more free time?

Welcome to the Poker Automatics, a system that will change your life!

The goal of Poker Automatics is to provide guaranteed stable passive income to its clients.

17) Please, tell what plans do you have or the nearest future? What new services will be available, what should investors expect form your work?

We'll continue to add new payment systems.
Poker Automatics will become a registered company.
We have a marketing plan to develop several new client markets.

We finished 3-months testing of our updated pokerbot software.
Now our robots require less technical resources.
On one dedicated server can now hold up to 5-6 virtual machines with poker robots.
2/3 accounts has been transferred to the new servers.
This allows us to reduce maintenance costs.

At the moment there are 724 active pokerbot accounts in our network.

Our future goals:
July 2015 - 900-1000 active poker bot accounts
January 2016 - 1200-1300 active poker bot accounts
July 2016 - 1500-1600 active poker bot accounts
January 2017 - 1900-2000 active poker bot accounts

The ultimate goal - 2,000 active poker bot accounts.
For security reasons we won't increase our botnet above 2000 active poker bot accounts.

18) At the end of our interview, you can always add something from you.

Someone likes to take risks, go for broke, feel adrenaline, excitement and thrill.
For someone poker is a gamble.

For us poker is job and business.
The goal of Poker Automatics is to provide guaranteed stable passive income to its clients.
We avoid risk. When there is a dilemma to make more profit increasing risk, or get a smaller but guaranteed profit without risk, we choose the second option.
Our regular customers have already seen this. Every day thousands of people make profit with us.
Poker Automatics Team wishes you a stable income without risk.

We are waiting for you on our website
We are always glad to cooperate.

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