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Elite Money is another HYIP which have opportunity and potency become big program, popular and hot HYIP, In my opinion this program is aimed towards

Elite Money is another HYIP which have opportunity and potency become big program, popular and hot HYIP. In my opinion this program is aimed towards the long term and there is a great possibility of earning some decent profit if you decide to join Elite Money now when its just started.

Main Investment Areas
Futures operations: during the last some years we have been taken active part in market trades of southwestern Asia, which financial markets grow by lips and bounds because of high prices on energy resources and liberalization of commerce.
Stocks of source companies, in the first place oil ones, but when valuation, we take into account quantity of proved sources but not filling stations amount. It makes us be confident in future if source prices increase Currency underestimation, e.g. Chinese yuan, etc.

Elite Money Investment Plan
There are 6 daily plans, 6 weekly plans and 3 monthly plans available. You will get your principal back at the end of the investment term. Their plans are:

a) Daily plans include:
- 1.5% for 60 business days or 2% for 120 business days (for amounts from $10 to $199),
- 2% for 60 business days or 2.5% for 120 business days (applied for deposits from $200 to $1,999) and
- 2.5% for 60 business days or 3% for 120 business days (for the amounts from $2,000 and up to $25,000).

b) Weekly plans include: - 10% weekly for 12 weeks or 14% for 24 weeks (for amounts from $10 to $199),
- 14% weekly for 12 weeks or 17% for 24 weeks (applied for deposits from $200 to $1,999) and
- 17% weekly for 12 weeks or 20% for 24 weeks (for amounts from $2,000 and up to $25,000).

c) Monthly plans include:
- 60% monthly for 6 months (for amounts from $10 to $199),
- 80% monthly for 6 months (for deposits from $200 to $1,999) and
- 100% for 6 months (for the amounts from $2,000 and up to $25,000).

Too many plans, I confused :p

Quality of site's design
Standard HYIP script with good and professional design ( 6 of 10)

Complexity and originality of scripts.
Good but not unique or special script/standard HYIP script. All the payments are made automatically to the payment processor account you made the deposit from, you dont need to request a payout. You dont need to register in Elite Money to make a deposit. All you need to do is to fill in your payment details and provide your email address. After making a deposit to the chosen plan the system will give you your unique deposit ID number. you can track your deposit stat with your unique deposit ID. Yes, look like Expert Investment one of the profitable hyip doubler last 1-2 years ago (6 of 10)

Security Level
Elite Money's website using DDOS protection powered by BlackLotus and elitemoney is hosted on a dedicated server (7 of 10)

Payment System
Elite Money Investments Inc. using Liberty Reserve, e-gold, Pecunix and V-Money as payment options (6 of 10)

Elite Money Investments Inc Address
Detail information of domain registrant address protected by blacklotus, so we can't know this information.
Office address in Dominica: P.O.Box 1369, Roseau, 00151 Dominica. Without phone number for contact. Not enough transparent for me (5 of 10)

Chance to be in Profit
60% (6 of 10). Please note that the profit chances are estimated at the time of first online date from this HYIP. Most programs are pyramid schemes, which means that the chance is getting lower with the time. So it is not recommended to invest based on too old program.

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