Updated: 10/22/2010 17:18
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Recently we have published a news about GrapeVineFunds ( in which we informed you about a special offer from the admin of this...

Recently we have published a news about GrapeVineFunds ( in which we informed you about a special offer from the admin of this program: GrapeVinefunds Limited Time Offer All bonus offers always seam to be a bit suspicious and we expressed this thought in our news. On the same day Ryan explained on our forum why the bonus was offered:

“The offer is meant for members only who have not yet invested and NOT new members and our reasons for making the offer is that these members must have shown an interest or they would not be members,we are simply trying to encourage further participation.”

As you can see, the admin of GrapeVineFunds is not silent and is always ready to explain why one or the other step was made. However, this time the problem is serious. We have received a newsletter from the admin informing that Alertpay, LibertyReserve and SolidtrustPay accounts were hacked and all money was stolen. Ryan informs that he is currently trying to recover funds and is negotiating with the representatives of those three payment processors. He reports that STP would probably return money and thinks that AP will refund it but LR is not helpful, according to Ryan and he is worried that a huge amount of money will not be refunded.

And that's what Ryan thinks about this situation:

“The problem arises from someone who obviously uses Moneynewsonline as a front and we are tracking him down, in the meantime please be careful as we also believe that he has sent out e-mails from GVF with a virus attached, what sick people we have on the internet.”

We don't know what this for sure means but we really received a spam email yesterday which was sent out on behalf of the admin of And that's what was said in it: “Get Register and get free $30 LR here :-” (and then there was a link to some website). Well, it seams like admin has to face too many problems these days: at first there were some problems with LibertyReserve: LibertyReserve Keeps Operating, then many people didn't understand that bonus offer, then spam emails were sent out and this time all money has been stolen. Quite unlucky week, isn't it? Was it the last week?

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