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Greetings dear readers. You are probably already confused about the new varieties of publications that have appeared at HYIPNews.com :) Also, you...

Greetings dear readers. You are probably already confused about the new varieties of publications that have appeared at HYIPNews.com :) Also, you might have forgotten about all opportunities that our website provides. Therefore, today's weekly review will focus on two issues. The first one is a survey of the industry, and the second issue is a review of our own project. Yes, today's "Weekly Observer" will be the navigator on hyipnews.com

Major Events of the Week
The most significant event of the week was, of course, the closure of the immortal UniteTrade. It will be too bad if after such a successful work, investors will stop trusting short-term programs. Unfortunately, due to the activity of programs with short term of deposit return it is impossible to gain "confidence capital" without which the functioning of large projects is impossible.

Do not forget about the closure of Gain-Interest (gain-interest.com). These guys have closed their project but have also returned the money taken from investors. I believe that this phenomenon is outstanding and deserves special mention. Of course, we still do not have reliable evidence of the fact that nothing was stolen, but this phenomenon must not be forgotten.

HYIP Industry

The design of FlaxAds.com and HYIPBlogger.com has been renewed. We have written enough about it in our HYIP Blogs Survey (in the first and second publications), therefore we won't repeat ourselves. Apart from this, nothing significant happened, so we have nothing else to say.

HYIPNews.com Project
Let's start with the main issue: where else you can earn at HYIPNews.com, what else you can earn and how. First of all, it is still possible to earn if you had registered on our forum before October 15, 2010: HYIPNews Newsletter 100 We have not paid even a penny yet which means that you can get a nice prize. Secondly, you can bring us information and be rewarded for it. A lot of information comes to us via live support and email, however we have decided to try to get more facts and therefore have established a network of agents. 

During each week we publish the following regular publications and articles: HYIP BLOGS SURVEY (twice a week), Weekly Walk by Tony HYIPBlogger (once a week), HYIPNEWS WEEKLY OBSERVER (once a week ).

Now our team consists of six authors and three of them have their own blogs. In addition, the news published on our website is distributed among 11 other sites with the help of our "Export Module", the information about which can be found here: /exportnews/

By the way, last week Cody finally wrote a review of our site :) We've been waiting for this publication for a long time and have not even announced about another review posted a few days earlier by Tony from HYIPBlogger: http://hyipblogger.com/1631/hyipnews/ (but now the link is not relevant) And now we announce about both of them. Of course, dear readers, we will not pretend that these reviews appeared unexpectedly. We are confident that each of the authors expressed everything he thinks, but we paid them because we wanted to hear the truth about our project and wanted them to say whatever they think. We would like to know what we need to improve, what to change and what our potential visitors see when they come to HYIPNews.com. Of course, hearing the praise is flattering but it seems stupid to pay someone for praising. We aren't up to it right now. There is a lot of work ahead and we need to decide how to look, what to do, etc. We understood what our visitors look at in the first place, what makes them confused and what is unnecessary for them. Hopefully, those were not the last publications about us.

By the way, do not forget to read 's article, published at FlaxTalk: http://flaxtalk.com/content/hyipnews-one-my-trusted-research-sites-455/ (but now the link is not relevant)

About the author

Another young writer working for HYIPNews.com, Steve Sweeney is the article writer and author able to write powerful headlines, to integrate copy with graphics and page design and manipulate text for max effect (ie. bold, italic, highlight). The experience of this young author is not reach in spite of his age, though Steve is proud to become an active member of a highly productive and creative professional team of HYIPNews where his skills as an accomplished advertising copywriter, copy editing and proofreader are being utilized at the highest level.
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