Updated: 12/14/2010 13:58
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We've already written about the way of conducting online awards in the field of high-yielding investments. You can read about it here. It should be noted that suddenly got quite a large number of votes at SOA a few days after that publication was released. We do not want to make ambiguous hints, it is possible that this is just a coincidence but there has become one suspicion less in such way. Maybe we will not get the title The best Investment Monitor of 2010 on SOA, but our position in this poll was not taken out of nowhere. Ecommerce Journal Awards 2010, has unfortunately completely disappointed us and any position there seems to be having no relation to reality.

For example, one day we found out that Ecommerce Journal opened a new dimension in the statistical record, counting the distribution of the audience based on the fact that the number of those who participated in the vote is 101%. Don't you believe me? 

By the way, recording integer of +/- 1% is normal for all the nominations at EJA2010. Needless to say that there is no correspondence with the participants of the poll and that our request to exclude our project from the poll was disregarded. Should we say that this is pure fabrication and lie? This is an advertising order and provocation.

We have a question: Is it possible to generally trust those who lie about details? If a HYIP administrator lies that his project is officially registered or he has a phone number for support, it is assumed that your money must not be entrusted this person. But can we trust the opinion and publications of resources that are involved in such manipulations of public opinion? The answer, as well as the choice is up to you.



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