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Updated: 08/14/2006 04:58
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Autosurf - is a program, allowing investors obtain more stable profit due to its organization. You may know at once if the program really makes money. You see it. But appropriate strategy is also important here. Having thought about it, we decided to tell about specific features of autosurfing investment strategy.

The most important factor influencing the process of working out investing strategy in case with autosurfing is the necessity to surf. This condition cannot be omitted, and this is the point of difference between HYIP and these programs. Accordingly, this factor will significantly influence your strategy.

At first, reducing the number of programs for investing in. It's quite difficult to look through about 1000 sites a day. So you'd better realize at once that diversification will be quite restricted in this case. But it depends upon the situation, because many programs demand surfing more than 5 sites, which is not much and won't probably cause you trouble.

Most often that is the reason why many investors combine autosurfing investment with HYIP. Besides, such diversification is reasonable, in principle. At first, as I have said before, autosurfing are special due to their method of receiving the profit and as the result, they are more stable.

The second, payouts of these programs are often much different from HYIP, most of them pay, for instance, weekly, for a cycle of work. As the result, you get weekly payments, rather than daily ones. But some programs pay daily. But most often autosurfing put definite restrictions on withdrawals, because they depend upon their funds.

That's why while choosing a program package you need to make sure that your money flow corresponds to your wishes, and that your site flow doesn't break. When we have said above that this factor will be significant, this hasn't been a joke. Here your investment strategy will be formed on the edge with a strategy of time management. Some autosurfings make you pay fines in case you don't surf those sites that you should do.

Autosurfing is the program that hires you for your own money. Accordingly, this money is paid by you as one side. You just give it away. And then you receive some bonuses for it, while making your work. In case you promote your site together with it, you receive a double profit. Accordingly, if you actively deal with autosurfing, we strongly recommend you to place a small page on a cheap hosting with some useful info.

For instance, with your referral links and information about the programs. You may possibly succeed in this sphere, and this will bring you an additional profit. We'd also recommend it because Google, placed on such page, will most probably bring you something.

Queue of depositing and re-depositing in autosurfing should be different from HYIP queue. It is not customary to re-deposit in an average HYIP, but in case with autosurfing you add funds (buy additional upgraded), rather than just re-invest. Of course, it should be taken into consideration. Those points should bring you additional profit, as well as make you of waste your money, if your plan is not made up correctly.

Usually you receive back 100+ with interests, that you have earned while surfing. i.e. almost every autosurfing works according to a principle of full refunding with added interests. Such important factor doesn't allow counting on intermediate refunding, so you should make up your strategy basing on the idea that you won't be able to receive anything before the cycle is over. And it is possible that you won't wait until the end of the cycle, especially if it lasts for two weeks, for instance.

All those peculiarities make us understand that it is necessary to make up a special volume of autosurfing strategies that often appear on forums. This will be your help in accounting and thinking over your gold secret.

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