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latest hyip news digest may 05 2016
Learn of completing 30 days online at Aquatix BetStar Depdun new investment plans at CopperTradePro deposit bonus at BTC Hourly, Coinseed e-currency
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Learn of completing 30 days online at Aquatix BetStar Depdun new investment plans at CopperTradePro deposit bonus at BTC Hourly, Coinseed e-currency update

See the latest news from the HYIPs online in the news digest below. The Aquatix company has been working for more than a month. At the moment it is still a young but rapidly developing project, and its team makes every effort to maintain the investment climate and create constant collaboration, the result of which is large and uninterrupted income. The services are improved and tested every day as well as the resources are allocated intelligently for additional security of data transfer and monetary transactions.

BetStar has been another HYIP that reached one month online milestone. There are some great updates shared with the investors. FIrst of all we are pleased to introduce the video presentation explaining the program with a German language version coming soon available on the homepage of the website. The new section "Bet History" has been added to the website, which will display some of the recent betting history and will be updated periodically. Obviously the launch phase of the program has been successfully completed and now BetStar is moving on to the next goals, which are continued growth and sustainability. More updates and new features will be announced in the nearest future.

Coinseed currently accepts PM, Payeer, Bitcoin, STP, Skrill and Neteller. Litecoin and Dogecoin have been added recently. From now on Investors can make deposit using Litecoins and Dogecoins and also can withdraw with it. The famous payment processor PAYZA will be added soon as well.

CopperTradePro changes investment plans. As many investors might have noticed the deposit duration has changed to a shorter period. The finance department of CopperTradePro has made a decision to change the duration of the deposit in each of the 4 plans from 100 business days to 65 as well as make the plans more competitive by changing the daily return in each plan. So from, now on all deposits have been migrated to new plans:
Trade start – 3.0% for 65 business days (90 calendar days)
Trade Medium – 3.2% for 65 business days (90 calendar days)
Trade Business – 3.4% for 65 business days (90 calendar days)
Trade Pro – 3.6% for 65 business days (90 calendar days)

BTC Hourly listed at HYIPNews for 18 days announced the deposit bonus promotion which starts from May 5 and will last till May 19. If you deposit more than 1 BTC you will get a deposit bonus. Here the deposit bonus details:
1. 1 BTC – 5 BTC = 10% deposit bonus
2. 5.1 BTC – 10 BTC = 25% deposit Bonus
3. 10.1 BTC – 5000 BTC = 50% deposit bonus

Also the Special 3 Plan was added lately after the Special 2 Plan expired at BTC Hourly. The Special 3 Plan expires after 19 days since the time of depositing funds and overall profit paid at the expiry is 10800%. The plan is only available for 100 first investors, which makes it a limited time offer.

Depdun listed at HYIPNews for nearly 30 days online tells members about the accomplishments achieved during this period. As of now there are 2000+ investors and the total deposit amount under management exceeds $40K. The team of the project makes greatest efforts to show satisfactory results, and reach profits for everyone. Also the admin thanks for the help and support.

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